Enneagram - Raising Awareness of Self & Others in Individuals and Teams

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram diagram consists of nine points which depict nine Enneagram styles. Each of the nine styles (or types) refer to a worldview and archetype that reflects the way that people think, feel, and behave. There are three centres of intelligence on the Enneagram - Thinking, Feeling, and Action. There are also 3 instinctual sub-types for every Enneagram style. 

The Enneagram profile is a useful tool and guide in building self-awareness, building relationships, resolving conflict, and improving team dynamics and relationships. 

I am not interested in 'boxing', categorizing, or limiting people and so I see the Enneagram as one lens to assist in understanding oneself and others. The IEQ9 Enneagram Report recognizes that individuals are complex, unique, and distinct.

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Why work with the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a strong tool for leadership development as it supports increased self awareness, higher emotional intelligence, and improved communication, innovation, and collaboration. The Enneagram empowers individuals as it supports them to understand their core motivations and to take responsibility for their behaviours and growth from a place of understanding why they do what they do and why they act and react in certain ways.

The Enneagram has become one of the most powerful tools in the coaching environment. This is not a superficial framework but is rather one of depth where layer upon layer of awareness and understanding become available to those who work with it over time in a coaching process. 

Individual Benefits:

  • Awareness of core motivations
  • Increased conscious awareness of self leading to greater confidence
  • Deeper understanding of familiar emotional issues
  • An understanding of healthy and unhealthy behaviours that stem from core motivations
  • Increased compassion for self and others
  • Identification of pathways to growth, development, and integration
  • Improved motivation and productivity
  • Creation of a language and sense making framework for understanding oneself

Team Benefits:

  • Increased understanding and awareness of others helps to reduce judgments and criticism and build tolerance
  • Team conflict and challenges can be better understood 
  • Teams can move beyond blaming conflicts on personality differences
  • Working relationships and productivity improves
  • A shared language supports teams to improve their communication and understanding

Enneagram and Coaching

Discovering your Enneagram style is a great start to learning and growth as a leader and as a human being. As a certified iEQ9 Enneagram practitioner I am available to support you to deepen your insight and create sustainable change as you explore how your Enneagram style influences how you live and how you lead. 

For Individual Leaders:

I offer the iEQ9 Enneagram assessment, debriefing, and coaching for individuals which includes the following steps:

  • You complete the iEQ9 Enneagram online questionnaire and receive your Individual Enneagram Standard or Professional Report
  • We have at least 1x 90 minute coaching session to debrief your Enneagram Report
  • We continue to integrate the results of your Enneagram profile into our coaching engagement and your growth and development

For Teams:

  • Each member of the team completes the iEQ9 Enneagram questionnaire and receives their Individual Enneagram Professional Report
  • Each individual has a 1 x 90 minute coaching session to debrief their Enneagram Report
  • I facilitate a team session where you as a team learn more about the 9 Enneagram styles and how they show up as different leadership styles. The intention is for each member of the team to gain greater insight into their own strengths and their teammates strengths; their own blindspots and challenges as well as those of their teammates; and how they interact with one another based on Enneagram styles. 
  • A Team Enneagram Report is generated
  • I facilitate a team session where you as a team learn about your Team Enneagram style. Just as individuals have an Enneagram style, so too do teams. 

Contact me to learn about the Enneagram and how it can support you 


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