Student Success Director, 2U

Cape Town, South Africa

I was fortunate enough to have a Three-Part Coaching Conversation with Abby in the past few months. Three sessions isn't a lot and in some cases it would take you at least three sessions to build rapport, especially over Zoom. However, Abby has this unique ability to make you feel comfortable and safe. Abby has a warm and inviting presence that encourages you to open up and dig into what you want to work on. I often struggle to open up to people so it was testament to Abby and her abilities that I was able to be open and honest from the first session. Abby provided a space to listen and question which resulted in wonderful practical tools for me to take away into my professional and personal life. I am grateful for the sessions we had together and I know that this won't be the end to our journey. I am looking forward to continuing growing & stretching myself in Abby's presence." 

Investment Professional, Old Mutual Investment Group

Cape Town, South Africa

I met Abby as part of the Leadership Development Programme run by the company. My team and my role in the team were going through some changes so working with Abby could not have come at a better time. My sessions with Abby have been transformative in my career path and have helped me step into my role and signature presence in my team and broader organization. Working with Abby has really helped me shift gears in my career path. Thank you, I am really grateful for this."

Director, 2U

Cape Town, South Africa

Working with Abby over the last while has given me great focus in terms of my leadership and development in general. I've appreciated her way of working with me as a whole person while we focused on my career; her ability to genuinely listen created a space for me to gain insights, better understand my approach to leadership while giving me very practical ways to ensure I continue to engage in my professional and self development. Abby's authenticity allows for an open space with no judgment that enables genuine holistic transformation. Working through the lens of the Enneagram was also incredibly insightful and a useful way to frame my thinking and action."

Senior Human Resource Business Partner, 2U

Cape Town, South Africa

Thank you so much for an amazing two days that were incredibly well facilitated. I appreciated your warmth, your insight, your professionalism, your skillfulness, your inclusivity and the way you challenged us to come out of our shells and be willing to venture into uncomfortable spaces. I learnt so much from just being with you in that space and I strongly believe that you have made a lasting impact in my life. Of all that I could thank you for, I thank you most for being you and sharing yourself with me."

Managing Director, SOWITEC

Nairobi, Kenya

“Abby is a great joy to interact with and has such a positive spirit. She is a very open coach and will provide a platform for you to delve into your innermost self.  I found her to be very patient and keen to hear my most burning issues in the moment. Our coaching sessions felt like an interaction with a knowledgeable friend; she creates a very warm and open atmosphere. I particularly enjoyed the organic way our coaching sessions evolved, all the while keeping to the main goal and muscle building steps. She is a very good listener and is adept at guiding you to identify your strengths and areas where you need to put more effort to achieve the best you. Abby introduced me to mindfulness and helped me identify my strengths and how to package them to influence positive change in other leaders. She taught me the value of stepping back, appreciating my journey, and being present and relishing every experience. Over the working week, one of my biggest highlights was those engaging and focused discussions with Abby.  She can be trusted with your vulnerabilities and has a really genuine and real spirit. Get ready for an interesting, rich, fulfilling and fun coaching experience. Ohhh, and lots of laughter… lots of laughter. She’s worth every bit of your investment in coaching."

Investment Professional

Cape Town, South Africa

“I met Abby at an inflection point in my life, trying to manage a change in career path, moving cities and the resultant change in social support structures. My six sessions with Abby have been a transformational experience which chartered me down a different course. Abby is a remarkable individual who is able to balance on that tightrope of empathy and frankness when coaching for optimal performance. Abby also shows a great understanding of the dynamic challenges of the Investment Industry through her very thoughtful feedback. Her holistic approach afforded me the opportunity to wrestle with the tension of the analytical demands of my position and the artistic facets of my being. The true beauty of the professional coaching sessions with Abby was my realisation that along the road of self-discovery and improvement, the road we must walk is usually in the tension of what seem like contradictions."

Lead Learning Designer, 2U

London, England

“I can truly say that Abby changed my life over the months that we worked together. Her simultaneous ability to be emotionally intuitive and analytical left me feeling both deeply understood and in good hands to move forward with the things I was facing both personally and professionally. Abby has a beautiful way of uncovering patterns in your behaviour and shining a new light on these to allow you to see new ways of being that would serve you better.  I have carried many of the practices and ways of thinking that I learnt from Abby into my day to day life. Although our sessions took place remotely, I felt connected to Abby from the first session we had together and her ability to foster relationship and build trust quickly meant that I often forgot that we were not in the same room. Time with Abby is a wonderful gift you can give yourself both personally and professionally." 


Managing Partner, Law Firm

Cape Town, South Africa

“Abby is a caring and thoughtful coach. She is intuitive and able to adapt quickly to deal with a wide range of professional issues, both in a practical way, and also at a more emotional and philosophical level. She is gifted at integrating the personal sphere into the professional sphere, understanding that the two cannot be easily separated. Most importantly, for me she inspired trust to take her into my confidence, and by doing so, she enabled me to share more fully my thoughts, emotions and ideas, which made the experience very enriching and meaningful. I would recommend Abby’s services and guidance without hesitation."



Associate Academic Lead, US Portfolio, 2U

Cape Town, South Africa

“If you are reading Abby's testimonials wondering if you should do coaching with her: Do it. She is an incredible person and her coaching style is professional, personalised, insightful, practical, and impactful. Abby is an example to me of how you can really leverage your strengths to do the best that you can do – to trust that you’re capable of change, without changing who you are. I had a few sessions with Abby in preparation for a promotion and she helped me. As simple and profound as that sounds - she helps. I am really grateful for the experience of coaching, and I’m grateful to Abby for leading me in that journey. She asks the right questions that lead you to the heart of what it is you need to focus on. Abby has an ability to unlock things in people because she helps you see that you have the key you were looking for. It's weird, and so, so wonderful."

Program Manager, Non Profit Sector

Nairobi, Kenya

I signed up for a transformational leadership programme known as Beyond Your Edge whose three-pronged approach included one-on-one coaching. That is how I met Abby. At the time I started the programme, I was in a space of change - I knew that I needed to re-align my personal and career priorities while getting better at setting myself up for success. I had also had a huge work disappointment that made me question my future at the organization where I worked, and frankly, my capabilities too. At the beginning I was unsure of coaching, but in retrospect, it was the most useful part of the leadership programme and journey. Abby was kind and had a listening ear making it easy to open up. She also had excellent empathy and understanding, and an easy conversational style which helped me to understand my way of being while contemplating a new way for achieving better results both at work and personally. In the end, I had not only re-set my priorities, but also found myself easily navigating situations which I would not have been able to in the past. I found that I adopted new habits and new realigned thinking that made my life so much easier, especially when it came to handling difficult work and personal situations. Our interactions led to co-creation and adoption of new techniques and approaches that formed an important milestone which set me apart in my leadership journey."

Head of Human Resources, Coronation Fund Managers

Cape Town, South Africa

“Abby is an extremely effective coach who has successfully coached a wide range of our employees with a diverse range of goals. She has a strong psychological and coaching background but couples that with the understanding of the requirements of a demanding business and industry. As a coach, I feel assured that she understands the dynamics of the asset management industry and the behaviours that occur. She is quick to understand situations and the needs of her clients. We have had excellent feedback from employees whom she has coached. We have seen incredible growth in these employees which has helped their development and our performance. Abby builds relationships easily with managers; many have commented on how impressed they are with her as a coach for their staff, so much so that she is often requested as a coach due to her excellent reputation at Coronation Fund Managers.”

HR Director, Johnson & Johnson

Istanbul, Turkey

"This is a journey to the core of your soul; an opportunity to get in-touch with what really matters; a springboard to inner peace. Abby’s coaching helped grow my knowledge of myself and my impact on others. She has made an impact on me both personally and professionally. Abby is patient, understanding and she has remarkable instincts. She is incredibly skilled at asking the right questions that helped me see things from different perspectives. Thanks with all of my heart for this invaluable journey and for enlightening my way."

Social Development Specialist, Non-Profit Sector

Nairobi, Kenya

"I had the privilege of working with Abby during the Beyond your Edge Leadership Program. Abby was very instrumental in my journey at the time of transitioning from one phase of life to another. Being my first experience of online coaching, Abby made it comfortable and it felt like we were just seated across each other! Experiencing coaching with her helped me grow psychologically and emotionally. She did not only help me have clarity of purpose but also challenged my thought process in dimensions that have now enabled me to be more emotionally aware and influenced my career growth path. The practices we initiated during our sessions are now part of my day to day living, thanks to her insights, encouragement and dares! One of the key things I have grown to appreciate is the connection between our physical and emotional being – something that Abby helped shape and gave great perspectives to during our interactions. Abby’s expertise in the coaching field is evidenced in her engagement, her patience, her poise and knowledge. I am indeed privileged to have had the opportunity of working with her. One amazing personality!"

Head of Distribution & Partnerships, Non-Profit Media Company

Nairobi, Kenya

"Words cannot describe how my encounter with Abby has transformed my life. My heart is free and filled with clarity as a result of the coaching sessions we had. My mind is calm, at peace and I feel top of my game. Abby helped me balance the intricate art of being a go getter, perseverance while at the same time "when to let go" just in seven short months. Abby was the push I needed to reveal the grit in me that had been hidden for so many years. I’m more confident now, more assertive, and I believe in myself more but still know how to be vulnerable. I don’t know what the future holds, but with the quality of muscles I've developed through this coaching I’m ready to face what’s ahead with everything I've got. The time and resources investment with Abby is truly worth it. Abby, keep transforming more lives, you are a gift to this generation!"

Financial Manager, GetSmarter

Cape Town, South Africa

"I was very lucky to be on a leadership acceleration programme at my company, which gave me an opportunity to meet Abby, who become my coach specifically relating to how I can grow into a better leader. I chose Abby above other coaches because she had this incredible genuineness and warmth that I was drawn to and I felt like I could open up to her very easily. This is coming from someone who has never really opened up about my life to other people, so it really means a lot. She certainly exceeded my expectation of what it meant to be coached, and opened up important conversations that I never thought I would have. She is incredible at active listening, processing information and asking the right questions to open up my mind to thinking about things in my career and my life that I had not thought about before. So thank you Abby! For all of your energy, efforts and genuine care for me!"

Investment Team, Futuregrowth Asset Management

Cape Town, South Africa

"I met Abby as part of a work leadership development programme, which included 6 sessions with a coach. My time with Abby greatly exceeded my expectations – she is thoughtful, warm and poses very insightful questions that allowed me to fundamentally shift some issues I was getting stuck on. Abby’s ability to integrate work and personal issues was transformative and her gentle kindness, non-judgmental demeanor and genuine curiosity and caring allowed me to open up and share with her experiences and conversations that I usually hold as deeply private. Abby is a wise, considered, calm, sympathetic and deep listener and she also has a great sense of humour and fun that greatly added to my enjoyment of my time with her. I feel like I have gained many useful insights. My time with Abby has unblocked some key personal and work relationships. I am also starting to revisit some tightly held beliefs and ideas about myself and others. I am getting better at pausing and being more mindful of my thoughts and emotions and this is all contributing to a greater sense of well-being, purpose and perspective in my life. I am deeply grateful for the time we spent together."

Talent Manager, GetSmarter

Cape Town, South Africa

"Working with Abby has been one of the major game changes in my career so far.  I had never had a coach before and was quite sceptical before my first coaching session. My scepticism disappeared after about 2 minutes into my first coaching session with Abby. It is great to find someone who is such a great listener and who challenged me in ways that really allowed me to grow as a leader. Since starting coaching with Abby I have learnt more about myself as a person and as a leader than I have during my entire career. Through Abby's coaching, I have become a better, more confident and more impactful leader."

Managing Director, Old Mutual Securities

Harare, Zimbabwe

"I had reached a point in my life where I was nearing retirement and the financial services business that I was running was struggling due to external economic factors and intense competition. I faced the twin challenges of making sure that colleagues on the executive committee appreciated our situation and therefore gave us the necessary support and at the same time trying to figure out a personal plan allowing for a smooth transition to retirement. I had a number of sessions with Abby and we discussed my business and personal situations and searched for some answers to my “crisis” situation. Her Professional, calm and prodding approach made me feel at ease and helped put my issues into perspective. To cut a long story short, I have been putting into practice the actions and ideas that we identified together with Abby and have been pleasantly surprised with the results.   The business unit that I lead is recovering nicely on the back of support that we are now receiving from the executive committee and I am approaching retirement with a sense of calm and confidence and not trepidation. It all came down to those coaching sessions I had with Abby where she respectfully challenged my views about what I was going through and challenged me to a higher level of perception and engagement with my colleagues."

Managing Director, The South African College of Applied Psychology

Cape Town, South Africa

“Meeting Abby was destiny. She came into my life through the Women in Leadership Programme at the Graduate School of Business in Cape Town, and the timing was perfect.  At every session Abby displayed the highest level of professionalism and used her gift of superb listening, I feel she truly listened to my soul. Not only did I feel heard, but I really felt understood. Euphoric is the word that comes to mind when I think of my time with Abby. She helped shape my perspective on life in a profound way, helping me understand the importance of exercising my metaphorical ‘weak muscles.’ What an amazing experience and I am so privileged to be able to continue this amazing journey with Abby."

HR Manager, Environmental Industry

Cape Town, South Africa

“Abby is by far one of the most talented people I have ever come across.  She has the ability to make simple that which seems extremely complex.  She helped me to identify the things I find most important in my life and opened my eyes to new possibilities, both in my personal and professional life.  One of the things that stood out for me about Abby is her strong foundation in a variety of subject fields.  This combined with her gift to relate to my personal situation made me feel like I was in good hands.  I felt like I was being coached by an expert in more fields than one.  I consider the time I was afforded to work with Abby a gift with no equal."