Leadership Programs

The Leadership Acceleration Program (LEAP) at 2U Cape Town was held annually, starting from its initiation in January 2017 until the last graduating cohort in late 2020. In each annual cycle, around 16 leaders engaged in a 6-month program, involving participation in two offsite leadership modules and receiving coaching support throughout the duration. The program delved into themes related to the intricacies and responsibilities of leadership, aligning with individual leadership objectives identified by each participant.

I served as one of six Integral Master Coaches™ delivering leadership coaching for a regional leadership program focused on the Asia Pacific region of CARE USA. CARE is a global humanitarian aid organization engaged in providing emergency relief and implementing long-term international development projects worldwide.


Beyond Your Edge is an intensive personal development program for leaders in East Africa that ran from early 2017 until late 2020 with 4 separate cohorts of leaders. Spanning a duration of 9 months, each program consisted of three in-person group learning sessions, bringing together 18 other inspiring leaders. The curriculum was shaped by integral theory, with guidance provided by Integral Master Coaches™ affiliated with Integral Coaching Canada, a highly esteemed coaching school globally. 

Liz de Wet  designs and runs a select portfolio of custom designed leadership and executive team interventions and programs in Africa, North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Since 2014, I have been providing coaching services in collaboration with Liz de Wet Leadership Development. My executive and leadership coaching involvement includes the Johnson & Johnson Women in Leadership Program; the Leadership Development Program with Old Mutual Investment Group across South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria; the Women in Leadership Program at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business; the Women in Leadership Program at the South African Revenue System; and the Global Women in Leadership Development Program at Chevron USA.


57 Coaches has offered pro bono coaching to 100 leaders within non-governmental organizations dedicated to supporting refugees globally. Our team of leadership coaches consisted of Integral Master Coaches™, all certified by Integral Coaching Canada, an institution accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).