Director, 2U South Africa

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"When I started my coaching journey with Abby, I felt certain that the work required of me and the work that I had so desperately needed to address for myself as well as for my career was impossible to put into words, let alone to draw an action plan for. The nagging insecurities that I really believe hindered me as a leader but also in many other areas of my life didn’t feel like something I would openly share with someone EVER, let alone on a Zoom call from halfway across  the world. Boy, was I wrong about all of the above! Abby became a safe space for me to not only sit in uncomfortable spaces that were very real and reflective for me but also in holding me accountable for my development in a consistent but also challenging way. My coaching program with Abby helped rewire my coping mechanisms as well as root myself in better, healthier ways of dealing with my own anxieties around leadership, my team and all those learnings have benefitted my personal and professional life."

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