Managing Director, SOWITEC, Kenya

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“Abby is a great joy to interact with and has such a positive spirit. She is a very open coach and will provide a platform for you to delve into your innermost self.  I found her to be very patient and keen to hear my most burning issues in the moment. Our coaching sessions felt like an interaction with a knowledgeable friend; she creates a very warm and open atmosphere. I particularly enjoyed the organic way our coaching sessions evolved, all the while keeping to the main goal and muscle building steps. She is a very good listener and is adept at guiding you to identify your strengths and areas where you need to put more effort to achieve the best you. Abby introduced me to mindfulness and helped me identify my strengths and how to package them to influence positive change in other leaders. She taught me the value of stepping back, appreciating my journey, and being present and relishing every experience. Over the working week, one of my biggest highlights was those engaging and focused discussions with Abby.  She can be trusted with your vulnerabilities and has a really genuine and real spirit. Get ready for an interesting, rich, fulfilling and fun coaching experience. Ohhh, and lots of laughter… lots of laughter. She’s worth every bit of your investment in coaching."

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