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“When Jon Stewart paid tribute to Bruce Springsteen at the 2009 Kennedy Center Honors he concluded with the following words: “But that is not the power of Bruce Springsteen. It is that whenever I see Bruce Springsteen do anything, he empties the tank, every time.” I fell in love with Springsteen when I was a student and I have lived by the “empty the tank” mantra ever since. It’s rewarding but exhausting. Every now and then the tank runs dry. For years I managed to find fuel on my own. And then, out of nowhere, the ability to refuel independently disappeared. I hesitantly started looking for help and after thorough research, I found Abby. Abby met me where I was. In the middle of the desert, looking for a road out. From the outset, she provided a unique perspective. There’s many roads out, but the one I choose needs to have filling stations along the route. Abby helped me find that route and filled my tank with new insight, perspective and philosophy. I have never met anyone like Abby. She is an oasis in the middle of the dessert. Her approach is professional beyond the norm. She is well read and has the ability to challenge conventional and unconventional wisdom in a robust and respectful manner. She is a coaching Rockstar and the E-Street band behind many Springsteens’. If you are looking to journey with someone that knows how to read a map, Abby Malan may be just the person for you."

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