Success Stories

Success Stories

A leadership journey, that has helped shape my identity and developed my confidence where
I now MC SACAP’s (the South African College of Applied Psychology) graduation, as its Managing Director.

Throughout the year that I worked with Abby, I decided to begin surfing - something I had never done before. Why? On the face
of it, it was a way to spend time with my
kids. On a deeper level, it was meditation for somebody who can’t meditate. Even deeper, it was a metaphor for redirecting my career - challenging, exciting, frustrating, satisfying.

This is me ‘jumping out of my comfort zone’ and challenging the limitations set in my mind. This is me challenging my self-diagnosed fear of heights and taking a ‘leap’ of faith to show myself that I can change the beliefs I have about myself....’old me’ was stuck and ’new me’ was up for the challenge!”

This is me hosting a fireside chat with our Chief of People on the subject of ‘Women in Leadership’ - something I would never had dreamt of doing a year prior.

Me in my place of joy...I feel lighter emotionally and physically...less afraid and more courageous....doing the things that I love more often now.

Doing the work that I love. Giving back is such a significant part of me, but if I give all, without rejuvenating myself, it kills my giving spirit. So I have learnt how to give back and how to take time to rejuvenate so that I can give some more!

Ten days after my divorce and 8 months after I met Abby for the first time, I rewarded myself with my first solo adventure in Borneo. I have no plans of stopping anytime soon.

A photo taken during a group work, on our regional leadership program, while we are selecting from a given list the three criteria that we would use to introduce ourselves. The three criteria that I chose to introduce myself were: knowing more than 2 languages, swimming, and living with my family.