Some Things I’ve Learnt Being a Mother

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.….that I never could have learned during my years of university education.

  • Children naturally know how to be present

  • No stress is ever more important than the time I spend with my kids

  • Wisdom is not learned and it certainly doesn’t come from books

  • Love has no end and no boundaries

  • Its not fair for me to try to take up all the space- its important that I leave some space for my kids to have an impact and to make their own impression

  • Kids don’t care about how much I earn

  • It’s all about joy and fun

  • Always treat animals with love

  • The hard stuff can even be fun

  • I am beautiful in that dress that I bought 10 years ago

  • It really is simple

  • What’s in the past is in the past

  • I am the best mom in the world

  • Love grows every single day

  • I love dancing wildly to loud music

  • My heart is as big as an ocean

  • Our bodies are miracles

  • I’m not in control as much as I’d like to be or was previously used to

  • It’s beautiful to be imperfect

  • Imperfections make me more accessible and approachable

  • It’s ok to wobble and fall, it’s actually fun

  • There are many, many ways that you can scrape your fingers and your toes

  • Messy is far more fun

  • Fairies are real

  • It’s wonderful to wake up laughing

  • Time is precious

  • Patience is a never ending practice

  • Memories are worth sharing

  • I can love my kids and my work

  • I can’t be it all or have it all but I can certainly try

  • It helps to share my struggles and worries with others

  • Sometimes it really is just that simple

  • Being a mother is something you do under any and all circumstances, whether you’re happy or sad, you don’t just toss it out the window because you’re having a bad day

  • Being a mother defines me but it does not limit me

  • I am a mother but I am also much more

  • I can’t fix everything nor should I

  • I want to take away my children’s pain but it is far better to sit through it with them to teach them how to feel it

  • I will teach my children more from my imperfections than from my perfections

  • If it feels good then it must be good!

  • Being firmly grounded in myself, feet on the ground, helps me to open my heart more fully. Mothering grounds me.

  • My children are best left with their brilliance rather than with mine



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