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For a while now I have been thinking of sharing the pieces of writing that bring me most peace and ease. I've held back because I've felt undecided on what to call this piece of sharing that feels quite personal to me. For today I will start with a short but powerful piece of writing that I read just the other day, that I will revisit regularly. I share it here in case you might also benefit from reading the words of Richard Wagamese, one of Canada's foremost First Nations authors and storytellers. He was an Ojibway from the Wabaseemoong First Nations in northwestern Ontario in Canada.

"Nowadays, I've realised that all I need to know about successful living and psychic health I can learn from my dog...Molly is wise. She's sage. She lives entirely in the moment and she finds joy in everything. She eats regularly, takes a substantial nap every afternoon, drinks a lot of water, stretches before doing anything and is never afraid to express love or to ask for what she needs. She's never too busy to listen, never too overwhelmed to find the smallest things interesting and never pretends to be anything other than what she is. She welcomes everyone with abandon and feels sad when they leave. No one is neglected when it comes to Molly sharing her enthusiasm, and she's willing to be friends unless you give her a reason to be skeptical. Molly knows there's nothing better than feeling the sun on your belly and nowhere as comforting as home. 

Life is much simpler now that I've become dog-wise. There are no thick books to read, no products to buy, no deep meaning to search for. Instead, there's the satisfaction of knowing that the world is full of interesting smells and sounds and sights, of wonder and infinite possibility, and that if you venture out into it, you'll always find someone willing to take a walk with you." (Wagemese, Richard. One Story, One Song pp.195-96).

Nature and Life

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