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“If you are reading Abby's testimonials wondering if you should do coaching with her: Do it. She is an incredible person and her coaching style is professional, personalised, insightful, practical, and impactful. Abby is an example to me of how you can really leverage your strengths to do the best that you can do – to trust that you’re capable of change, without changing who you are. I had a few sessions with Abby in preparation for a promotion and she helped me. As simple and profound as that sounds - she helps. I am really grateful for the experience of coaching, and I’m grateful to Abby for leading me in that journey. She asks the right questions that lead you to the heart of what it is you need to focus on. Abby has an ability to unlock things in people because she helps you see that you have the key you were looking for. It's weird, and so, so wonderful."

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