Program Manager, Non Profit Sector, Kenya

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I signed up for a transformational leadership programme known as Beyond Your Edge whose three-pronged approach included one-on-one coaching. That is how I met Abby. At the time I started the programme, I was in a space of change - I knew that I needed to re-align my personal and career priorities while getting better at setting myself up for success. I had also had a huge work disappointment that made me question my future at the organization where I worked, and frankly, my capabilities too. At the beginning I was unsure of coaching, but in retrospect, it was the most useful part of the leadership programme and journey. Abby was kind and had a listening ear making it easy to open up. She also had excellent empathy and understanding, and an easy conversational style which helped me to understand my way of being while contemplating a new way for achieving better results both at work and personally. In the end, I had not only re-set my priorities, but also found myself easily navigating situations which I would not have been able to in the past. I found that I adopted new habits and new realigned thinking that made my life so much easier, especially when it came to handling difficult work and personal situations. Our interactions led to co-creation and adoption of new techniques and approaches that formed an important milestone which set me apart in my leadership journey."

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