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"My life before and after Abby are like two different eras. I have joked with her that I’m a perfect success story: in my post-Abby era I am married, a homeowner, with a new 4-day-a-week job that is a huge upgrade from my previous job in every way, and most importantly, that I love. While I think Abby would be reluctant to take credit for all of that, in fact working with her really did lay the groundwork for so much personal and professional introspection, healing, growth, and a general opening up that allowed these opportunities to enter my life, and for me to be confident enough in myself to take them. Abby’s thoughtful process emphasized gentle, powerful exercises, discussions, and explorations that pushed me to confront and uproot deep-seated patterns and thoughts that were holding me back, while also helping me to be more forgiving and protective of myself. She helped me set boundaries with others, and break down arbitrary boundaries I’d made for myself. I have been seeing a therapist for years, and was accustomed to the slow, steady progress of that experience: while working with Abby perfectly complimented my therapy, I saw myself making progress in leaps and bounds, at a pace that still surprises me. Though my sessions with Abby have ended, I don’t feel like the process has ended: she equipped me with so many lasting tools, and a changed way of thinking that still guides how I approach new challenges. “What Would Abby Say?” is a common refrain in our house. And Abby herself — it is hard to put her gentleness into words. Not only her tools and process, but her presence and her-ness helped make our work together so effective. I have rarely felt so genuinely accompanied; she is sincerely interested, invested, and moved by the progress we made together, and I don’t think half of it would have been possible if I didn’t feel like she was a partner in the process. In all, I do feel entirely changed by my experience of working with Abby. I feel I finally have the internal resources to tackle what I might face in my life — though it is also nice to feel I could turn to Abby again if new challenges arise."

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