Senior Manager, Marine Assurance Standards & Performance, Chevron, USA

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"I was fortunate to have the opportunity for 1:1 coaching through a company leadership program designed specifically for women.  I have worked with personal coaches before from companies like Korn Ferry and BetterUp. All of the coaches brought value and helped me put action plans in place to progress my goals.  Due to an unfortunate illness, I met Abby at a time when I was really doubting whether I would be able to attain my career goals.  I had gone from being at the top of my game with 30 years’ experience to not knowing if I was going to be able to continue my job. I had worked hard over the previous year to get back physically.  When it came time to select a coach, I picked Abby because of her background in mental health.  I knew I had focused all of my efforts on physical recovery, but in order to keep making progress I would have to find new ways of working.  Abby listened to my challenges and helped me design my path forward.  I enjoyed our time together because I knew it would be a time of discovery.  Abby suggested metaphors that were personal to my experiences which really helped me better understand what I needed to do.  She also promoted “gentle curiosity” which allowed me to continue to search for solutions while being gentle on myself by not dwelling on it too much.  This was a better approach for my personality than the other well intended support I’d been given to “not think about it”.  I appreciate Abby’s approach and kind heart.  She takes genuine interest in her clients and helps them navigate their own journey while giving enough rudder support for continuous progress.  I have already seen improvements at work and at home by implementing the new ways of being that we designed together.  It feels great to bounce forward!"

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