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I am very proud to make two announcements.

The first is a bit overdue… In November 2014 I was invited to join the Faculty of Integral Coaching Canada (ICC) based in Ottawa, Canada as an ICC Observer for both the Professional and Master Certification Modules.

The second announcement is the exciting news that I received this past week – I have been invited to sit on the ‘Jedi Council’ of Integral Coaching Canada! Sorry, this is how my 8 year old daughter describes it.  The ‘Jedi Council’ is the Certification Committee of Master Integral Coaches™ with Integral Coaching Canada. The first offering of the Master Certification Module (MCM) was launched in October 2015. MCM is the third and final module of the Integral Coaching® Certification Program (for more information see

I will be traveling to Ottawa in April 2016 to sit on this Inaugural MCM Committee. I am honoured and excited to be supporting our lineage – to be contributing to the development of students, to Integral Coaching Canada, and to my own ongoing development as an Integral Master Coach™.

The last bit of news is that Integral Coaching Canada will soon be hosting a Global Online Summit called Resilience + Reach. To explore what capabilities we need to resiliently respond to our greatest challenges as leaders, and for interviews and conversations with leaders of incredible heart, depth and humility, on the edge of their own evolution and deepest work in the world, you can register now to join at Integral Coaching Canada Online Global Summit – Resilience + Reach:

And with that….may the force be with you all!




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