International Women’s Day

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For the past 11 years I have been a coach to many phenomenal women in leadership positions in a number of countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. Each one of these women has so humbly and passionately shared with me their histories, their current challenges, and their deep desires to have a meaningful impact in the lives of others. Each one of them has a fascinating story to share about their lives and how they have achieved so much, often from very little.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa for the past 15 years, but currently residing in Canada for one year, I have a dream that has been brewing for a long time. I know that it stems from my love of story telling and writing that comes from one’s most humble and honest source. I know it also comes from my deep curiosity of how human beings face unprecedented challenges in their lives and yet, in some way, small or huge, make it through to share or leave behind a legacy of hope, courage and love. Some of these people get to share their stories, through books, movies, articles, TED talks, etc.. but many do not. Many of the women that I coach do not because they are running teams, businesses, and families all the while facing disruptions of all kinds. They are often overworked and overwhelmed. And despite all of this, they are passionate, driven and compassionate.

My dream is to create a platform from which these women can share their untold stories. I know this is needed because I know I needed to hear them. I know these are women who either aspire to be, or already are, great leaders in business, community and family, both locally and globally. I believe in the women that I coach and I know their stories need to be told, in their communities and beyond, in places where the empowerment of young women from an early age is critical. The women that I coach have resilience, spirit, courage and ambition – all vital ingredients for being amazing and doing great things.

I am open to your suggestions, support, and possibly your desire to be involved. I have no perfect plan but I do have a powerful desire and strong instinct which almost always serves me well. In honour of Women’s Day I am honouring this powerful instinct in me and sharing my dream. Next step is making it happen!

My deepest and heartfelt love to all women across our globe on this International Women’s Day and on every day beyond.




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