Student Success Director, 2U South Africa

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I was fortunate enough to have a Three-Part Coaching Conversation with Abby in the past few months. Three sessions isn't a lot and in some cases it would take you at least three sessions to build rapport, especially over Zoom. However, Abby has this unique ability to make you feel comfortable and safe. Abby has a warm and inviting presence that encourages you to open up and dig into what you want to work on. I often struggle to open up to people so it was testament to Abby and her abilities that I was able to be open and honest from the first session. Abby provided a space to listen and question which resulted in wonderful practical tools for me to take away into my professional and personal life. I am grateful for the sessions we had together and I know that this won't be the end to our journey. I am looking forward to continuing growing & stretching myself in Abby's presence." 

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